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Blog Archive for October, 2010

Tories use terror plot as ammunition in fighter-jet battle

John Ibbitson

Liberals 'would rather use kites to defend Canada,' Harper's spokesman says after CF-18 helps escort cargo plane with suspicious package to U.S. airport

Democrats will hold the Senate, Clinton predicts


And they could just squeal through in the House, former president says

NDP wants takeover rules rewritten

Shawn McCarthy

Jack Layton calls on Conservative government to reject BHP bid for Potash Corp.

Harper enters 'uncertain world of coalitions'

Jane Taber

EKOS seat projections show nearly anything is possible - except a Tory majority

Lawrence Cannon denies role in Khadr repatriation deal

Campbell Clark

'I don't have the slightest idea,' Foreign Affairs Minister says when asked about agreement allowing Guantanamo detainee to serve out his sentence in Canada

Ignatieff's mixed message on mining leaves Liberal heads spinning

Jane Taber

MPs scratch their heads after private member's bill goes down to defeat thanks in part to leader's no-show in Commons

Harper foreign policy merely a 'mild negative,' poll finds

Jane Taber

EKOS data suggests voters are underwhelmed with Canada's actions on the world stage - though they are concerned with the country's reputation

Tory MP gets online boost in quest for decorum

Gloria Galloway

Online petition launched in support of Michael Chong's proposal to raise level of debate in Question Period

Ford bounce, 'elite-phobic' voters drive Harper surge

Jane Taber

EKOS puts Conservatives at 33.9% and Liberals at 27.8%

PM doesn't make Brian Mulroney's honour roll

Jane Taber

Tory legend lists John Baird, Bob Rae and Jack Layton as best Commons performers

Liberals vow to scrap jet purchase

Jane Taber

After waffling for several months, Michael Ignatieff takes firm stand on stealth fighter deal in wake of Auditor-General's 'wake-up call'

Politicians test their brush skills for charity

Jane Taber

Scott Brison's impressionistic Bay of Fundy landscape up for auction along with Trudea's Peace Tower and Elizabeth May's take on trees

Will Michael Ignatieff bury his own MP's mining bill?

Jane Taber

Liberal Leader distances himself from corporate social responsibility legislation as Whip reportedly tells caucus to skip vote

Liberal health critic returns friendly fire on medicare

Jane Taber

Ujjal Dosanjh shoots down caucus-mate Keith Martin proposal for private option

Ethics committee makes plans for Nigel Wright

Jane Taber

PM's new chief of staff offers to appear Nov. 2, but opposition MPs aren't sure they want to hear from him on that particular day

Auditor scrutinizes stimulus as poll shows increased economic anxiety

Jane Taber

Damning verdict from Sheila Fraser could be explosive for Tories, but Liberals warn she has a 'limited mandate'

What Rob Ford's victory means for Stephen Harper

Jane Taber

Populist messaging has 'the old progressive elite politics in disarray,' pollster says

Summit security boss defends costs - with a cuppa tea and transparency

Steven Chase

London had more police on hand, Ward Elcock says, so Britain didn't have to pay for lodgings

Khadr has 'right to apply' for repatriation: Public Safety Minister

Steven Chase

Vic Toews leaves door open for confessed terrorist's return to Canada

Majority feel Russell Williams coverage struck 'right balance'

Jane Taber

Angus Reid poll finds former colonel's sensational murder trial captivated majority of Canadians

Apology by press release not enough, veterans advocate says

Jane Taber

Sean Bruyea, whose private medical files were passed around by bureaucrats, wants minister to say he's sorry in the House of Commons

Liberal MP writes user-pay prescription for health care

Jane Taber

Keith Martin wants to see private option running alongside public-funded system that's 'busting at the seams'

'Selective' Tories try to lower by-election expectations

Jane Taber

Plus Jason Kenney defends refugee reform and scoffs at Randy Quaid's claim

When parliamentarians go to war

Jane Taber

MPs get a taste of army life through Armed Forces program

Gov.-Gen. strips convicted murderer Russell Williams of his rank

Steven Chase

Chief of Defence Staff announces 'extraordinary and severe decision that may constitute a first of its kind in Canadian history'

PM gives cautious nod to Taliban talks

John Ibbitson

PM lays out 'important conditions' Afghan insurgents must meet - including laying down arms and women's rights - before Canada would endorse peace deal

Does Maxime Bernier side with separatists on equalization?

Jane Taber

Bloc Quebecois uses cheeky opposition-day motion to embarrass Harper Tories

Armed officers patrol South Korea for G20

Bill Curry

Photos of Mark Carney feature prominently on posters

Band of political brothers maintain 30-year bond


Men who formed friendships in Carleton student government are still in search of that next campaign

Tories 'exploring all avenues' to strip killer colonel of his pension

Jane Taber

Government examines ways of diverting $60,000 a year from convicted murderer Russell Williams to his victims or his wife

With Sun TV behind him, Kory Teneycke picks up Potash file

Steven Chase and Shawn McCarthy

Former Harper spokesman secures job with mining giant BHP Billiton - though it does not involve lobbying Ottawa on its takeover bid

Souring economic mood puts Harper in bind, pollster says

Jane Taber

Nanos survey shows increasing pessimism about Canada's fiscal future

Liberals eye local businessman to take on Julian Fantino

Jane Taber

Tony Genco appears set to carry Liberal standard against former top cop turned star Tory candidate in Vaughan

How Ken Dryden's Canadian dream came true in Calgary

John Ibbitson, Ottawa

Naheed Nenshi embodies new theory of nationalism Liberal MP posits in latest book

Is UN snub 'badge of honour' or punishment for doughnut detour?

Jane Taber

PMO hails Wall Street Journal article as vindication of Stephen Harper's foreign policy

Curb right-hand-drive imports, Ottawa told

Jane Taber

Lax regulations make Canada a dumping ground for older models that are both dangerous and highly polluting, association says

PM welcomes new Canadians with tough talk for human smugglers

Jane Taber

Plus why Ottawa should focus on the plight of Afghan women when troops withdraw

Hoeppner butts heads with Ignatieff on pay equity

Jane Taber

Rookie Tory MP challenges Liberal Leader's position, takes flak for violating 'Decorum Day'

NDP MP gets his folk on with Buffy Sainte-Marie

Jane Taber

Charlie Angus opens for legendary singer, plays new song about diamond trade and struggling James Bay youth

MPs to probe Parliament Hill construction contract

Daniel Leblanc

Opposition puts Tory cabinet minister Christian Paradis and businessman Michael Fortier on witness list

Federal Tories congratulate mayor of 'young, diverse and dynamic' Calgary

Jane Taber

Stephen Harper and two cabinet ministers who hail from the city laud Naheed Nenshi on his surprise victory

MPs told to play nice in honour of Persons Day

Jane Taber

Plus Justin Trudeau gets a taste of Toronto mayoral sniping

Dozens of native chiefs out-earn provincial premiers

Gloria Galloway

Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for transparency in salary disclosure

Second time's a charm for refugee bill?

John Ibbitson

Conservative government takes another run at legislation to deter human smuggling

Federal scientists go public in face of restrictive media rules

Gloria Galloway

Union launches website to show research and testing work conducted on taxpayer dime

Taking Flaherty to task, Liberals vow to pare back deficit

Bill Curry

Opposition critics launch co-ordinated strike on Tory finance plans

Prime Minister ready for his small screen close-up

Steven Chase

Harper set to make cameo on Victorian crime drama

Laureen Harper persuaded Gov.-Gen.'s wife into role


'She did some fast-talking with me,' Sharon Johnston says

Quebec independence 'by no means settled,' Duceppe tells Americans

Daniel Leblanc

Bloc Leader takes sovereignty pitch to Washington

Talks with UAE in dire need of air-traffic control

Jane Taber

Plus more derision over Harper's United Nations failure

Meet Michael Ignatieff, family man trying to make ends meet

Jane Taber

Liberal Leader unveils new video that takes shots at Harper and Layton as jaded 'career politicians'

Will Rocco Rossi's campaign have a sequel?

Jane Taber

Former Toronto mayoral contender 'serene' after pulling plug, but Vaughan by-election will be called to soon for him to mount a bid

Defence expert decries purchase of 'shock-and-awe' fighter jets

Jane Taber

Liberals pile on, laying out series of questions they want Conservative government to answer on F-35 procurement

'White, male seniors from Alberta' give Tories solid upper hand

Jane Taber

EKOS puts Harper at 34.4% compared to 27.8% for Ignatieff as summer controversies dissipate

Tories edge ahead of Liberals, leaving summer woes behind

Jane Taber

Harper climbs to 36.6% support compared to 32.4% for Ignatieff and 16.3% for Layton

What are the consequences of Canada's UN rejection?

The Globe's parliamentary bureau chief took your questions on the Harper government's failed bid to win a seat at the Security Council

UN failure fits into 'increasingly damaging narrative' for Tories

Jane Taber

But other pollsters suggest it won't have much impact at the ballot box

Is Harper's double-double or Ignatieff's trash talk to blame for UN debacle?

Jane Taber

Spin war escalates in wake of Canada's failed Security Council bid

PM immediately hops aboard Fantino bandwagon

Jane Taber

Stephen Harper to appear by star Tory candidate's side Friday

'Sad day for Canada' sparks call for foreign-policy overhaul

Jane Taber

Liberals, NDP critics pile on after Ottawa abandons bid for UN Security Council seat

UAE airline gambit 'offended' Harper: source

Jane Taber

Decision to deny extra landing slots divided Conservative cabinet

The bumpy ride from boardroom to backroom

Jane Taber

Difficult transition for PM's new chief of staff could have chilling effect on business leaders turned public servants

At least Poilievre didn't throw a shoe at Mounties

Jane Taber

Tory MP apologizes after rushing through security checkpoint on Parliament Hill without identifying himself

Liberals foil NDP bid to challenge Tory ban on staffer testimony

Gloria Galloway

Had motion been adopted, Speaker would have been asked to decide whether government was in contempt of Parliament

Cherie Blair chalks it all up to mom

Jane Taber

Former British first lady rubs elbows with Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla at launch of Canadian chapter of her women's charity

Liberals steer MPs away from showdown on ministerial staff

Gloria Galloway

Motion requests rules be developed on when political aides can be compelled to testify

Maxime Bernier defended census as 'essential' in 2006

Jane Taber

But former industry minister has since changed his tune on necessity of mandatory long form

How Canada got an encyclopedia to call its own

Jane Taber

Ottawa marks the 25th anniversary of Mel Hurtig's tome

MPs bring curtain down on Parliament's 'kabuki theatre'

Jane Taber

But will bill to reform Question Period get past committee intact?

Pat Martin unloads both clichéd barrels on renovation contract

Daniel Leblanc

But boisterous NDP MP fails to rattle Public Works Minister with tirade

Harper's base 'isn't as energized' on census

Jane Taber

Concern among Canadians over decision to scrap mandatory long form remains high, even among Tory supporters

Don't bother trying to crack the Governor-General's code

Steven Chase

David Johnston's coat of arms has binary enthusiasts abuzz. But sometimes a row of digits is just a row of digits

For Tom Flanagan, Harper book shows Ottawa 'puts too much on confidentiality'

Jane Taber

Former chief of staff rethinks the controlling nature of the PMO

Michael Ignatieff and the vanishing cigarette

John Ibbitson

Liberals hastily erase smoke from brochure promoting homecare plan

Business magazine relishes Teneycke's fall from grace

Jane Taber

Former Harper communications chief beats out Goldman Sach's as week's biggest 'loser'

Liberals pledge $1-billion to help families care for ailing relatives

Jane Taber

Unveiling key policy, Ignatieff paints Tories as more focused on corporations than families

How a two-degree increase would hit home in Canada

John Ibbitson

It'd be hard on the St. Lawrence seaway but a boon for the cod fishery, report finds

Tories fear 'American-style confirmation hearing' for chief of staff

Jane Taber

Plus Sun Media calls for minister's resignation

Gold-medal swim had sports minister on edge of his seat

Jane Taber

Gary Lunn lauds B.C. athlete's performance on first day of Commonwealth Games

PM pressing Fantino to run, source says

Jane Taber

Former OPP commissioner would be star candidate for Tories given law-and-order agenda

Kenney refuses to stroke George Galloway's chin

Jane Taber

Plus Liberals demand Commons probe of marching orders given to Harper's new chief of staff

Gov.-Gen.'s swearing-in sealed with a kiss

Jane Taber

Moment of tenderness between David Johnston and his wife brings levity to Senate chamber

Johnston sworn in as Governor-General

Jane Taber and Jill Mahoney provided up-to-the-minute coverage of the pomp and circumstance as the 69-year-old academic was formally installed as viceroy on Parliament Hill

Maclean's forces Tory MPs into 'separatist trap'

Jane Taber

Plus Tony Clement does his mother proud as keeper of the Great Seal

Is Harper's new chief of staff here for a good time, not a long time?

Steven Chase

Onex appears to be keeping porch light on for Nigel Wright, meaning he'll have to recuse himself from multiple files

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