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Blog Archive for February, 2011

Polls go up, polls go down - election probably still on the way

Brian Topp

There is opportunity for all three other parties in the latest Liberal numbers

Election timing conspiracy revealed

Robert Silver

It all comes down to Bob Rae and other crackpot theories

A tribute to Reagan at 100

Gerald Caplan

The late U.S. president achieved a remarkable number of his loathsome goals

Why waiting on election platforms is a mistake

Robert Silver

There are a half-dozen news cycles a day now, so the only way to have policy register with voters is to get it out early and hammer away

Bob Rae's adventures in etymology

Tim Powers

Someone forgot to tell him Liberals attack ideas, not people

The end of unions?

Andrew Steele

What happens in Wisconsin doesn't stay in Wisconsin - and could in fact have a major impact here

On meeting Mr. Harper and Ms. Oda's woes

Brian Topp

The NDP outlines its wish list and the International Co-operation Minister twists in the wind

Stephen Harper's worst enemy

Gerald Caplan

The Kairos affair isn't about Bev Oda - it's about the Prime Minister reversing a 60-year consensus on the role of civil society in Canada

To care or not about Bev Oda

Tim Powers

Unless you’re an employee of Kairos, this whole affair is unlikely change your life in any way

A spring election? I'm betting yes

Brian Topp

Both Harper and Layton can take or leave it. But Ignatieff wants to reverse his fortunes - or head back to Harvard

Daycare: the plot to steal your child's mind

Gerald Caplan

Antipathy to early childhood education is nothing new for expert-averse Conservatives

U.S. border deal isn't a hill on which Ignatieff should die

Bruce Anderson

Liberal Leader is right to call for more transparent talks, but public opinion suggests active opposition would be counterproductive

Quebec's smart arena move

Norman Spector

Neither Premier nor Mayor spent a nickel in brilliant bid to bring NHL back

SOS - Gallant lost at sea

Tim Powers

Ontario Tory drowns in her own ignorance of East Coast reality

Quebec's language law debate could get more interesting


Clearly, the two solitudes are alive and well in Canada

VANOC's luge death media strategy exposed


And it is for the public to judge

The rules of the multi-party parliamentary game

Brian Topp

Canada should codify how the House of Commons can act when confronted with coalitions or questions of confidence

Socialism in America demands Super Bowl solidarity

Gerald Caplan

Though violent, misogynistic and militaristic, the NFL does feature wealth redistribution

Ignatieff lags while Harper clears tax-cut hurdles

Bruce Anderson

Pragmatic public attitude toward big business puts PM largely in clear

A tale of two 2012 convention cities

Andrew Steele

Why Democrats are headed to Charlotte, Republicans to Tampa Bay and what both venues mean for their White House ambitions