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Blog Archive for March, 2011

A modest proposal (more like a question) on coalitions

Douglas Bell

If the Brits can do, what precisely is standing in our way?

Time to revisit Axworthy’s suggestion on debates

Tim Powers

Let’s lay down some rules to avoid chaotic May days each campaign

Elizabeth May's non-game changer

Robert Silver

Polls from last election show participation in debate had no effect on Green Party's standing

Harper digs a coalition hole


Conservative Leader is trying to pull a fast one on Canadians by disavowing his 1997 remarks

Star columnist faces the fearful truth about Stephen Harper

Douglas Bell

The Tory Leader is in league with Stalin and the Khmer Rouge?

On coalition, Gilles Duceppe's credibility is questionable

Tim Powers

What he says today is different than what he said in 2004

Coalition smokescreen could hamper Harper's effort

Bruce Anderson

The time is right for Tories to turn away from that question

Paddling the damn coalition canoe

Douglas Bell

It's a perfectly legitimate means to an end for Ignatieff

Ignatieff hoisted on his own petard in Quebec

Brian Topp

More people in the province believe in Elvis than in the Liberal Leader's prime ministerial ability

Get ready for a Tory racket on the Rock

Tim Powers

Things could be looking up for Stephen Harper in Newfoundland and Labrador

Gerry Phillips has more roads to drive

Andrew Steele

A tribute to one of Ontario's finest public servants

Tories notch first victory on day of historic defeat

Bruce Anderson

Harper's solemn, scripted appearance showed prime ministerial demeanour while Ignatieff fumbled coalition question

Oh God, not another election

Gerald Caplan

Will Harper's campaign be any different under Nigel Wright??

And here we go with the campaign mudslinging...

Douglas Bell

Ezra Levant's opening salvo shows how low some Tories will go

Liberals can slay the coalition boogeyman. Or not

Robert Silver

Michael Ignatieff has options but none of them are great

Is the coalition Ignatieff’s carbon tax?

Tim Powers

The Liberal Leader needs to come clean

Flaherty's budget a safe bet - but no sure thing

Bruce Anderson

By not including 'show-stopping' initiatives, Tories presume Liberals won't be able to buy in on economy

Layton is the right guy, making the right decision


Why the NDP Leader rejected the budget and how his party measures up to its opponents as the campaign begins

Ethics, arrogance and the end of the Teflon Tories


Conservatives gambling that Canadians don't care

Stephen Harper retrofits his government

Robert Silver

The home energy efficiency program is a perfect metaphor for the PM’s time in office

A law-and-order model for Stephen Harper: 310 million Americans packing heat

Gerald Caplan

South of the border, some legislators want to see every citizen purchase a firearm

Tory document dump shows chutzpah

Robert Silver

Complaining opposition hasn't read reams of files purposely released long after deadline exemplifies Harper's version of democracy

Pot meets Liberal kettle at contempt hearings

Tim Powers

Rush to conclusion makes mockery of parliamentary privilege

Stephen Harpergovernment will win a majority May 2

Gerald Caplan

It's not a certainty, but it's reason enough for progressives to man the barricades

Black eyes will heal and leave no visible scars on Tories

Tim Powers

But if the opposition turns committee hearings on Speaker’s rulings into kangaroo court, no make-up artist will be able to conceal the blemish

Wounded government girds for another round

Bruce Anderson

Tories need good cut man in their corner as opposition pounds away at abuse of power

Should the Prime Minister drop the writ tomorrow?

Robert Silver

It would be foolhardy for Harper to give opposition two extra weeks to lay tracks on ethics file

The amazing Mr. Mulcair

Tim Powers

Deputy NDP leader beats election war drums - and eyes Layton's job

Fighting election on budget contents would be foolish

Bruce Anderson

Polls show more risk than reward for opposition in attacking Tory economic stewardship

Bright, shiny Liberal objectives

Tim Powers

Unfocused attacks on disparate issues do little to win voters worried about their wallets

Afghanistan and the limits of Responsibility to Protect

Gerald Caplan

Kabul is Mission Failed - but Tripoli needn't be

The NDP's reckless referendum proposal

Robert Silver

Jack Layton opens the Pandora's Box of constitutional amendment to abolish the Senate

Christy Clark's first 90 days as premier

Andrew Steele

Some business-school advice as she takes reins of governing B.C. Liberals