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Blog Archive for August, 2011

An early chance for Liberals to show change


Why not hold an open primary in Toronto-Danforth?

Good tax policy doesn't sell itself - it needs a good name


As proponents of the HST in British Columbia learned, language counts

Royal renaming shows Harper’s small-ball savvy


Decision to restore traditional military monikers is a solid double for Conservatives in early innings of majority

Jack Layton's Canada and the other Canada


Despite tasteless pundits and anti-Muslim bigots, 'we will not lose hope and we will not shut up'

Apple's Tim Cook and Layton's successor face tough slog


In business and in politics, replacing a beloved leader is a near-impossible challenge

A counterintuitive alternative to a Liberal-NDP merger


Why not create a new party altogether?

A ‘date’ with Layton, his everyman appeal and the start of his climb


The Globe’s Adam Radwanski reflects on his time covering the late NDP leader

There's a little bit of Jack Layton in all of us


His struggle with cancer was something nearly every Canadian can relate to

How Jack Layton made decisions - and memories


A piano duet with a 10-year-old signalled to the late NDP leader's key advisers that their meeting was over

Royal Jack


Layton inspired a generation of political activists

Demonizing Muslims: To what end?


Giving platforms to those who spread lies about a 1.5-billion-strong religion only serves to fan the flames of intolerance

Muzzling visible minorities is bad politics for NDP

Andrew Steele

Opposition to House of Commons seat distribution puts short-term tactics ahead of long-term policy

Unions confront inter-generational theft


Employers everywhere are bargaining mercilessly to create two-tier workplaces by stripping benefits from new hires

How to make foreclosures pay off

Andrew Steele

Governments should consider renting out seized properties

Norway's terror, the world's problem


A clear double standard exists when discussing terrorism committed by Muslims and terrorism committed by white, European, American, Christian terrorists

What the health care system can learn from McDonald’s

Andrew Steele

A McDonald’s-inspired eye-care clinic in India shows what’s possible when we are willing to innovate

How to win an election: go knock on doors

Andrew Steele

For all the theories about how elections are won, door-to-door canvassing may hold some sway

What the U.S. needs is HST

Andrew Steele

The fiscal challenge in the U.S. can be remedied by introducing a consumption tax like the HST and lowering income taxes an equal amount

Harper’s economic message strikes the right note

Bruce Anderson

Stephen Harper’s comments on the economy amid the market tumult was expertly handled and likely resonated with many Canadians

Drop in global equities markets raises stakes in Canadian politics


Since May, most Canadians were happy to ignore national politics, but as we head into the fall, interest will rise once again, and the economy is bound to be the focus

The media's game of 'gotcha' can teach the NDP some lessons

Gerald Caplan

The guns come out every time the NDP seems even close to power -- the New Democrats have to stop supplying ammunition

Questioning Turmel's motives isn't audacious -- it's our duty

Rob Silver

NDP president Brian Topp says people who criticized Nycole Turmel's Bloc ties are the real enemies of Canadian unity. Here's how he wanted us to react

The Turmel noise is about fear, not national unity

Brian Topp

The vicious press campaign waged against Nycole Turmel has nothing to do with the unity of Canada -- it's about fear of the NDP's rise

Is there enough political will to stop Sudan atrocities?

Amanda Grzyb and Gerald Caplan

All the reports written about genocide and mass killings have done precious little to stop the massacre in Darfur. The recent atrocities in South Kordofan are eerily familiar.

The NDP's 'federalist' interim leader

Robert Silver

The revelation that Nycole Turmel was a card-carrying member of the Bloc Québécois should be seen as a warning that the NDP isn't ready for prime time

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