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Blog Archive for September, 2011

With friends like this, Israel needs no enemies

Gerald Caplan

Those who oppose a Palestinian state condemn the Jewish one to a life of perpetual anxiety

Hudak cool to Bay Street cure for Ontario public service


But Horwath appears warm to former bank economist Don Drummond’s sweeping review

The losing politics of ministerial plane use


Challenger jet attacks are low-hanging fruit for any party in opposition

Canada must ensure it tightens the right belts


As Britain and the United States have shown, top-tier incomes are the right place to start

Did Hudak let McGuinty win?


Ontario PC Leader chose to continue to criticize, rather than to lead

Beware the electronic tattoo: Emails leave Tory MPs scarred


Bob Dechert and Tony Clement's electronic correspondence lands them in hot water

Exit Lowell Murray, a parliamentary triple-crown winner


The retiring senator was charming, had a brilliant mind for policy and was among the most astute political strategists anywhere

Silver is gold in Newfoundland's election

Tim Powers

Will Lorraine Michael's NDP knock Kevin Aylward's Liberals out of opposition?

Labour and the NDP: the end of a beautiful marriage

Gerald Caplan

While many labour leaders still identify with the New Democrats, their members continue to follow their own road - one that leads often enough straight to Stephen Harper

Harper, opposition both sell fear amid economic gloom


And for now, the Tory 'doing the best we can to battle global headwinds' message is resonating

On Palestine, Harper and Nov. 4

Brian Topp

The anniversary of Rabin's assassination would be a good day for Canada's Prime Minister to change his mind on statehood

Keystone XL: A pipeline that should not be built

Brian Topp

Exporting Alberta oil - and along with it Canadian jobs - to Texas exemplifies Harper's approach to the economy and the evnironment

Government by smartphone

Andrew Steele

Mobile technology can revolutionize the way citizens interact access public services

How Liberals should reframe crime bills

Robert Silver

If we believe the 'war on drugs has failed' then why not take an unambiguous stand in favour of legalization?

More (volume) is better in health care


Ottawa should enable provinces to share specializations and facilitate patient transfers

Inscrutable Stephen Harper baffles the pundits

Gerald Caplan

The commentariat has no explanation for the PM's foot-dragging on filling Layton's seat, his musings on 'Islamicism' and his stand on asbestos

The NDP can polish its brand - and Mulcair must refurbish his

Bruce Anderson

Both the party and one of those who hope to lead it face an existential crisis

Lack of defining election narrative favours McGuinty


Hudak's foreign-worker gambit failed to galvanize voter anger

McGuinty, Hudak and drunks on lampposts


Polls should be used for illumination - not support

Convincing voters to switch horses is no easy task for Hudak


Though many voters are less than elated with McGuinty, they're also less than certain now's the time to change governments

The world after 9/11: Naomi Klein prevails again

Gerald Caplan

Osama bin Laden inflicted a terrible crime on the American people - but America's elites have exploited it to no end

Sheila Copps has her Joe Clark moment


Though she gets full marks for coming back to fight for the Liberals, she can't hope to move her party forward with appeals to its past

McGuinty plan addresses Ontario's looming crisis

Andrew Steele

With our population getting older, people retiring sooner, living longer and costing more to keep healthy, Ontario is in troubled waters

The NDP should not rush into a hurried-up leadership race


Jack Layton would not want his party to squander the opportunity it now has to grow and evolve