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Blog Archive for January, 2012

Harper's speech puts Canada on path to substantive politics

Bruce Anderson

Stephen Harper's message at the World Economic Forum leaves him politically vulnerable, but he's thinking long-term

Harper and the U.S. are wrong on the Iran threat

Gerald Caplan

The Harper government, like its American counterpart, is either willfully ignorant of or indifferent to the logical consequences of its position on Iran

De-coding the Liberals' so-called bounce

Rob Silver

Recent polls showing the Liberals on the uptick isn't reason to celebrate. In fact, they show the party has its work cut out for them

Mitt Romney's money problem

Andrew Steele

Being one of the richest men to run for president is a handicap for the GOP contender - but history shows wealth doesn't have to hinder success

Newt Gingrich and the Rob Ford phenomenon


In times of great angst, voters do one of three things - stick with what they know, switch to the traditional opposition or pick an unknown candidate

Canada finds its way into U.S. presidential election campaign

Bruce Anderson

Profile of Keystone XL has been rising for months, but in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich put the pipeline battle front and centre

The Establishment and the NDP: A match made in heaven?


With great praise from the punditocracy comes great responsibility to craft economic policy that withstands scrutiny

Imagine a world without Wikipedia


What the Stop Online Piracy Act portends for the Internet

Can Liberals find sweet spot between prosperity, equality?


They'll have to if they hope to win back votes from both Tories on their right and NDP on their left

Wise lessons for Liberals from Dalton McGuinty


The party doesn't need a 'star' to lead it to instant glory - it needs a hard-working, decent, smart leader who can grow into the job

South Africa and Rwanda make history, and headlines, again


Canada has had an active role as both countries grapple with the events of April 1994

Trudeau-era hubris behind them, Liberals look ready to rebuild


Few seem inclined to talk about what was - but most are passionate about what's next

Same-sex marriage is here to stay under Harper


The Prime Minister should be taken at his word when he says his government will not reopen the issue

Steve Jobs and how to present to government


Late Apple chief executive's pitch to city council shows salesmanship and humility

McGuinty, Harper and the politics of spending cuts


Big announcements and small announcements bring the same amount of pain and other lessons for governments in times of fiscal restraint

Coming to grips with our Liberal obsession


As with the Cold War, some people just can't adjust to new realities

Obama's re-election and other perilous predictions for 2012


In Canada, Redford will win in Alberta and Quebeckers will flock to Legault's CAQ

It's already a happy new year for religious extremists


The Harper government's marquee Office of Religious Freedoms will have to hit the ground running

Over-hyping the Liberal convention


Sure, electing a new a president is important - but in terms of policy, next week's gathering won't radically reshape the party