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More fun with the ethics committee Add to ...

In a refreshing change from certain other witnesses, Marc Lalonde tells the ethics committee off the top that he knows absolutely nothing about the relationship between Brian Mulroney and Karl Schreiber and thus has nothing relevant to offer. No rambling statement, nothing cryptic or belligerent. And now he's done, with 54 minutes to spare.

Man, the next 54 minutes are going to be scintillating. A guy who hasn't been in government in more than 23 years talking about his relationship with someone relevant mostly because of his relationship with a prime minister from a different party. Pass the popcorn.


Update (3:59 pm): I was fully prepared for some Pat Martin sound bites, but instead we got seven minutes of the NDP's next leader aggressively bullying a polite and distinguished 78-year-old. Charming.


Update (4:26 pm): I'm not a religious guy. But what I've learned so far from Greg Alford's testimony is that if there is a hell, it surely features a giant screen on which you're forced to watch Sukh Dhaliwal questioning former lobbyists via remote with a disorienting time lag. Brace yourself for an avalanche of U.S. election posts tomorrow just so I can try revive my own pulse.


Update (5:47 pm): This will go down as the moment that long-suffering committee chair Paul Szabo finally lost it. It was prompted, specifically, by Fred Doucet's assorted memory lapses, with Szabo flipping out on the former chief of staff for claiming not to remember who accompanied Mulroney to a meeting with Schreiber in New York. But after months of watching his colleagues haplessly flail about with witness after witness, I'm thinking this was bubbling under the surface for a while.

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