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Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff sips tea at Stornoway during a year-end interview on December 17, 2009.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff sips tea at Stornoway during a year-end interview on December 17, 2009.

Tim Powers

Michael Ignatieff on arrogance? Add to ...

When it comes to arrogance Michael Ignatieff is an expert with oodles of credibility. This morning, in many places, the Liberal Leader has said this about the government, "The arrogance of the regime that thinks it can get away with anything."

When Iggy calls you arrogant it could be time to laugh or cry. I think I'll take the former.

Look in the mirror Mr. Ignatieff; you are the face of arrogance. What the hell do you know about democracy? You are the anointed leader of the Liberal Party of Canada who just this time last year was a willing partner in the coalition.

Complain about and criticize prorogation (which according to Dan Cook a whopping 0.06% of Canadians are raging about), that is fair game, but do it from a position of advantage so people will believe you. You bemoaning arrogance is like Trudeau celebrating populism. And I dare say on articulating the views of the people Trudeau comes across as Homer Simpson compared to you.

As I am just visiting the United States today, (you know America... you once called it your country), I haven't seen if there is video for your "I have stared down arrogance speech." If there is or were, I can only imagine it being as compelling as the "time is up" speech you gave at your caucus retreat in September. That one worked out well for you, didn't it?

You smartly stayed out of the Afghan detainee debate because of your controversial writings on coercive means. You might want to watch your line of attack here too. It might have a ricochet effect. Bob Rae is always ready to help you out. He is, after all, the face of the Liberal Party on the major debates of the day. Hmm?

(Photo: Blair Gable for The Globe and Mail)

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