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China's richest and most generous Add to ...

China's 10 Richest, 2009

Name, wealth, industry, philanthropy ranking

1. Wang Chuanfu, $5.1-billion, automobiles, mobile-phone parts, batteries, N/A

2. Zhang Yin & family, $4.9-billion, paper, N/A

3. Xu Rongmao & family, $4.7-billion, real estate, No. 12

4. Yang Huiyan & family, $4.6-billlion, real estate, N/A

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5. Huang Wei & Li Ping, $4.4-billion, real estate, finance, N/A

5. Liu Yongxing & family, $4.4-billion, chemicals; aluminum, agriculture, N/A

5. Lu Zhiqiang, $4.4-billion, real-estate, finance, No. 11

5. Zhu Mengyi & family, $4.4-billion, real-estate, No. 3

9. Wang Jianlin, $4.3-billion, real estate, hotels, culture industry, No. 13

10. Liu Zhongtian & family, $4.1-billion, aluminum, plastics, N/A

10. Yan Bin, $4.1-billion, real estate, beverages, mining, N/A

10. Zhang Jindong, $4.1-billion, household-appliance retail, real estate, No. 60

China's 10 Most Generous, 2009

Name, donations, charitable causes, rich-list ranking

1. Yu Pengnian,$441-million, health care, education, No. 406 (2008)

2. Huang Rulun, $212-million, education, poverty, disaster relief, health care, culture & sports, No. 76

3. Zhu Mengyi, $169-million, education, health care, disaster relief, No. 9

4. Niu Gensheng $95-million, disaster relief, poverty, education, health care, social welfare, N/A

5. Chen Guangbiao, $91-million, health care, disaster relief, social welfare, No. 406

6. Yang Guoqiang & family, $77-million, education, poverty alleviation, health care, disaster relief, N/A

7. Sun Yinhuan, $47-million, education, disaster relief, social welfare, No. 172

8. Yang Lan & Wu Zheng, $47-million, education, culture & sports, No. 250

9. Huang Nubo, $44-million, education, culture & sports, social welfare, disaster relief, No. 130

10. Duan Yongping, $40-million, education, disaster relief, No. 340

Source: Hurun Report

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