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Interviewing job prospects? Give them some homework Add to ...

Projects are the real future of hiring, and serious firms will increasingly ask candidates to do serious work in order to get a serious job offer, says Harvard Business Review.

Can you really find out what you need to know about a job candidate in an hour-long interview? Probably not. No amount of interviewing, reference checking, and psychological testing is a substitute for actually working with a candidate on a real project.

Next time you’re hiring, consider giving your top candidates a constrained project to execute. Ask them to redesign a social media campaign, document a tricky bit of software, edit a keynote presentation, or produce a webinar.

Look at the results and decide which candidates were able to deliver real value. This doesn’t just benefit you as the hiring manager. Candidates will learn what it’s like to really work with you and your company.

Today’s management tip was adapted from “Projects Are the New Job Interviews” by Michael Schrage.

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