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When the going gets tough, unplug and reboot


Don't try to force your way through a problem: Walk away and return to it fresh. (iSTOCKPHOTO/iSTOCKPHOTO)

When you unplug your mind for a minute, you restore yourself to your “factory default settings,” which tend to be generous, openhearted and hopeful, says Harvard Business Review.

When a project or meeting gets difficult, it can be tempting to power through to try to get it over with. But it’s better to do the same you might do for a slow-moving computer: Shut it off and wait a minute. Give yourself the opportunity to regain your composure.

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In a meeting that’s going nowhere? Take a break. Not making headway on that proposal you need to write? Take a walk. During the break, don’t think of new strategies or arguments.

By taking yourself out of the situation, you allow your brain to rest so that when you return – with a fresh perspective and a calm mind – you are more likely to find a new solution.