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Ski resort has cool idea to beat global warming

With climate change threatening low-elevation facilities, a ski executive and his investors are heading to higher ground. They’re developing a frigid New Hampshire mountain they think will sustain schussing

How transit hubs can spur dense development

Many stations have traditionally been isolated places to catch a bus or train. But transportation experts argue they should be surrounded by compact growth to help big cities cope with the explosion of people and cars

Wood buildings reaching higher

A Toronto developer is turning back the clock in constructing a trendy new office building largely with cross-laminated timber. At five storeys, it will be the first mid-rise of its kind since Ontario’s building code was amended in 2014

94-year-old developer has seen it all

Many commercial tenants are returning to urban centres to suit their city-living workers after decades of fleeing to the suburbs, Martha Zenker of Oakville, Ont., notes. But while location tastes have changed over her 60-year career, her hands-on, personal-touch approach to business has not

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