Student entrepreneur gets his big break with 'Recess Weekly'

The Globe and Mail

Jason Oakley, owner of Recess and full time student at Memorial University, has been named the 2010 Student Entrepreneur Newfoundland Champion by national charitable organization, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE).

Since 2008, Jason Oakley has owned and operated Recess Weekly - a free student publication packed with games and activities.

In its first year, the company made over $10,000 through advertising. Mr. Oakley then launched recessweekly.com - a website that allows franchisees to easily publish their weekly editions using an online publishing tool.

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The full-time Memorial University student was recently recognized by Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) as the 2010 Student Entrepreneur Newfoundland Champion.

In the latest of a series of monthly podcasts with ACE honourees, he spoke with Diane Jermyn about balancing student and working life. He also took reader questions in a live online discussion, click here to view an archive.