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Oct 06, 2014

How this fast-growing Ontario firm is reinventing the cybersecurity game

eSentire offers “cybersecurity as a service” to over 450 clients, targeting mid-sized corporations, especially in the financial-services sector. It aims itself at companies that probably have a dedicated IT department, but not a cybersecurity department

Sep 22, 2014

Startup tackles Toronto transit woes with crowdfunded shuttle service

The concept is simple: Line 6 isn’t a transit company, but a platform that people can use to propose, crowdfund and book passage on putative new routes. If there’s sufficient interest in a route, the company will arrange for transportation with partners in the coach business.

Aug 18, 2014

At $15 an hour, startup serves as 'legal concierge' for clients

Instead of getting a job after his first year of law school, Sam Michaels recruited a classmate, set to coding, and hung out his shingle as the Legal Information Network of Canada, or LINC, offering to answer basic questions about the law within 24 hours, for $15 a pop

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