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May 29, 2014

Dress for success? No thanks. How competition is corrupting our lives

In the West these days, vying against each other defines all aspects of life, from education to careers to romance. We fight to get into the best schools, reduce finding love to spectator sport, even dress for success rather than comfort or pleasure. But as an intriguing new book suggests, conducting our affairs in a constant state of conflict has corrosive effects on relationships, workplaces and the overall culture. And ultimately, we all lose

May 15, 2014

Monica Lewinsky’s struggle to shed that famous blue dress – and the hypocritical feminist push back

In a recent magazine photo accompanying her plea for social redemption, Monica Lewinsky swaps the most notorious stained frock in history for a white, ‘virginial’ one. But her harshest critics – mainly women – aren’t buying the suggested reboot, intended or not. To me, their reaction smacks of mean-girlism

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