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Blog Archive for August, 2010

Should the NHL go
to 3-on-3 in overtime?

James Mirtle

With many GMs looking for ways to limit the number of shootouts, extending overtime could serve as one solution

Hitchcock talks potential NHL rule changes

James Mirtle

Veteran coach likes idea of creating long changes in overtime, hybrid icing and big bluelines, among other tweaks

Belanger to sign with Capitals

James Mirtle

Veteran centre reportedly waiting for Washington to complete trade before his new contract is announced

Reinsdorf's name resurfaces as Coyotes sale stalls

James Mirtle

Potential failure of Ice Edge bid could leave Glendale with difficult choices to make

Niemi the latest victim of Hawks' cap woes

James Mirtle

Bowman close to squeezing team under cap after tough call to save $1.35-million in goal