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London 2012

Race walker confesses, weeps and begs forgiveness for doping Add to ...

Olympic 2008 50-km race walk champion Alex Schwazer weeps as he tells the tale of buying EPO in Turkey, injecting it and says he wants a "normal life."

Video is in Italian. Here is a translation of Schwazer's main comments:

"These three weeks were the hardest of my life because they always say that doping makes you stronger but psychologically, for me it was a killer. I had to lie to my girlfriend every day. Every day I woke up at two, at three, at four, at five in the morning, with an eye on the watch, knowing that from 6 am onwards the anti-doping controllers could come and I would have to tell my girlfriend not to open because if she would, I would test positive. This was very difficult for me."

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"I must say I no longer had the strength and I couldn't wait for it all to be over. So, on the 30th of July I did the test, with the knowledge that I was positive. Another incredible week then followed until two days ago I got the news from CONI which I communicated to you right away. Right now I am very sorry because I have thrown away all the years of hard work but I am also relieved that it's finished and maybe now I will be able to restart a new, normal, life."