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Welcome to the Globe Data Store. The data we offer is useful for research or sales prospecting. Have any financial or contact data needs? Maybe one of our data research lists will be a solution for you. Check out our product list below. If you have any questions about other data needs or wish to purchase a group license, email us at

Top 1000 and 350 Research and Sales Prospecting packages

by The Globe and Mail

The most comprehensive database of Canadian corporate financial information in spreadsheet format. This year we have improved on what we have offered in previous years in two separate packages based on whether your needs are research or sales prospecting.

The Funding Portal Top 500

by The Globe and Mail in partnership with The Funding Portal

The report is a ranking of the Top 500 Canadian organizations that received government funding in 2013 sorted by total amount received. Use this report to help generate fresh sales leads and as a talking point with your current clients about your products and services, or to gain a unique understanding of government funding awards in Canada.

Top 1000 non-profit (registered charity) Organizations Report

by The Globe and Mail in partnership with CharityCAN

The report is a ranking of the Top 1000 Canadian non-profit (registered charity) organizations based on total revenue. Total revenue comprises all sources of revenue including government sources, donations and investment income. Some of the sectors these organizations represent include education, health, arts, and social welfare.

Board Games Director and Diversity Report

by The Globe and Mail in partnership with Rotman School of Management

Report on Business has examined the boards of directors of 232 companies and income trusts in the S&P/TSX composite index as of September 1, 2013, to assess the quality of their governance practices.

The Funding Portal

A comprehensive service that improves access to both government funding and private financing in Canada.

In-depth information about Canada's 85,000-plus registered Charitable Organizations, Private Foundations, and Public Foundations.
The President's Club

Fabrice Taylor finds companies with easy to understand businesses models that are at a stage to make money for their shareholders.
Rotman School of Management

Comprehensive research and education on corporate governance from Board Shareholder Confidence Index to CEO compensation.

Research and analytical tools for the individual stock market investor. Portfolios for Value, Dividend and Growth Stocks based on strategies from investing legends.
Annual Reports Service

A service offering investors up-to-date Annual Reports for the world’s top publicly traded companies and aggregated company content for over 30,000 companies.