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Wed, May. 14, 2014
09:06 AM EDT

Peter Nowak

Globe and Mail Update

A eulogy for Kinect: Why Xbox pulled the plug

Microsoft’s camera peripheral had technical flaws, and little buy-in from game-makers, despite all that we’ll miss it

Tue, May. 13, 2014
11:31 AM EDT

Shane Dingman

Globe and Mail Update

Xbox One dumps Kinect to sell console for $399

Microsoft's Phil Spencer says it's a separation, not a divorce; console will now have price parity with rival PlayStation 4

Fri, May. 09, 2014
09:00 PM EDT

Blaine Kyllo

Globe and Mail Update

Enjoy the awesome-pocalypse with 'Sunset Overdrive'

“We wanted to turn the idea of the apocalypse on its head ... anmd take a different direction when it comes to open world, end-of-the-world shooters.”

Thu, Apr. 24, 2014
09:37 AM EDT

Peter Nowak

Globe and Mail Update

Upcoming Skylanders game contains a clever trap

Has Activision learned how to avoid killing the golden goose? Its Guitar Hero franchise died a few years ago through rapid releases, both by the company and competitors

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