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Michael Brito
Michael Brito


Implementing a social media strategy Add to ...

Social networking is here to stay, and in the future it will play an increasingly important role in day-to-day business. For that reason, there is mounting focus on how companies can reap the benefits of social media and change their corporate culture enough to accommodate this shift.

Michael Brito is a senior vice-president of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital and leads the digital team in Silicon Valley.

He provides strategic counsel, guidance, and best practices to several of Edelman’s top global tech accounts and is responsible for driving new business, growing existing business, mentoring junior staff members and maintaining strong client relationships.

Previously, he worked for major companies in Silicon Valley, including Sony Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo! and Intel, working in various marketing, social media and community management roles.

Mr. Brito says companies that use social media effectively have invested plenty of effort to hammer out who is responsible for each aspect of their social media plan, and the governance model used to oversee it.

“It’s causing organizational chaos internally,” he says. “All of a sudden you have kind of a land grab for roles and responsibilities ... think of marketing versus PR versus customer support, they all feel they own the customer experience.”

So what is the best route through the social media minefield? Michael Brito joined us for a live chat.


Niamh O'Doherty - Hi everyone, and welcome to our live chat. My name is Niamh O'Doherty and I'll be processing your questions. Please feel free to send them in now.


[Comment From Michael Brito ]

Hi .. i am here too!


Niamh O'Doherty - Hi Michael! So, first off, perhaps you could tell us why implementing a social media strategy is so important for businesses right now.


[Comment From Michael Brito]

sure, well there is certainly an expectation from consumers that "brands" engage in social media


[Comment From Michael Brito]

much of it is solving customer problems, providing helpful information and soliciting feedback about how to improve products


[Comment From Michael Brito]

Social media is more than just facebook / twitter. its about having internal processes, workflows, budgets aligned as well


Niamh O'Doherty - Great! Well, on to the questions....


[Comment From Ricardo Beck Giuliani ]

How do you think every brand having a social media presence will affect the already noisy online world?


[Comment From Michael Brito]

its really noisy... yes, but people want "relevant content" .. i.e. a link to a driver, a location to a store, more info on interest rates and maybe solving a customer problem is my phone service is out... brands need to listen to the online conversation and provide THAT relevant content. not spitting one way marketing messages and press releases at the community


[Comment From Dorothy ]

Is a social media strategy/plan needed for every type of business? I am a consultant .. independent with associates


[Comment From Michael Brito]

not necessarily ..


[Comment From Michael Brito]

a good social media strategy starts with listening to the online conversation...


[Comment From Michael Brito]

if people are talking about the brand (either positively or negatively) .. OR


[Comment From Michael Brito]

if they are talking about the industry you work in .. AND then you can ADD VALUE to the conversation then ..


[Comment From Michael Brito]



[Comment From Queenie ]

I'm a social media marketer/coach with plenty of pages, groups and accounts. Currently, I'm working with a professional School in building up their social media presence and community there. Your insight on the internal uncertainty is spot on! I'm working with each person to ensure their comfort level of what's to come. But, at times this may be a challenge. And to speak of collaboration (each person plays a role) is an eye-opener as they think as the social media person should take this on themselves, which we both know is totally inappropriate. What would you suggest to help them get through the changes?


[Comment From Michael Brito]

Queenie .. you are certainly starting off on the right foot! Internal collab is HUGELY important to social media (i call it social business) .. or rather, operationalizing social media .. but

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