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Data and Visual Journalists

Our cross-disciplinary group of editors, designers, developers, photographers, videographers and graphic artists work to make sense of a complicated and fast-moving world through high-impact visual journalism.

We build tools for the newsroom; we analyze and visualize complex datasets; we develop immersive, interactive experiences; we use photography, video and design to tell beautiful stories for phones, screens and newspapers.

Explore some of our award-winning work, and always feel free to get in touch.

Globe and Mail employees

Our Team

Matt Frehner – Head of Visual Journalism

Matt French – Deputy Head of Visual Journalism

Danielle Webb – Deputy Visuals Editor, Data and Digital Storytelling

Liz Sullivan – Deputy Visuals Editor, Photo and Video

Data and Digital Storytelling

  • Jeremy Agius
  • Laura Blenkinsop
  • Christopher Manza
  • Carys Mills
  • Andrew Saikali
  • Mahima Singh
  • Chen Wang


  • John Sopinski
  • Murat Yükselir

Design and Presentation

  • Evan Annett
  • Bryan Gee
  • Lauren Heintzman
  • Brennan Higginbotham
  • Mackenzie Lad
  • Dominic Macri
  • Benjamin MacDonald
  • Ming Wong

Photography and Video

  • Deborah Baic
  • Solana Cain
  • Patrick Dell
  • Fred Lum
  • Timothy Moore
  • Janice Pinto
  • Merle Robillard
  • Theresa Suzuki
  • Melissa Tait
  • Clare Vander Meersch
  • Randy Velocci
  • Paula Wilson
A new road for rap

FROM THE GLOBE AND MAIL PHOTO ARCHIVE. Graphic Artist at work at The Globe and Mail, before the advent of digital.

Erik Christensen / For The Globe and Mail.