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The Globe and Mail has a long-standing tradition of ethical, trustworthy journalism and news coverage in Canada and around the world. The values of truth, accuracy, fairness, and inclusivity are rooted in our work, conduct and Editorial policies. As a trusted news source, we continue to employ the highest standards of integrity and credibility each day.

The Globe is the first Canadian member of The Trust Project, an international coalition of reputable media organizations working together to promote truthful, verified news with fairness and accuracy. Through ongoing global collaboration with the public, news leaders, search and social platforms, the consortium is defining a standard for quality journalism that can be easily recognized anywhere.

Since the project's inception, The Globe has helped define the standards and protocols of Trust, such as transparent ownership and mission statements, ethics and reporting policies, clear labelling of story types, and links to detailed author information. These indicators are standardized across Trust-member websites and are machine-readable, meaning they can be recognized and certified by search engines and social media sites.


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Learn more about the Trust Project and its protocols here.

Read The Globe and Mail's Editorial Code of Conduct here.