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Work at The Globe

The Globe and Mail is a national icon and Canada’s most recognized media brand.

We’re also an international award winner for data visualization, design, and creative storytelling. A digital innovator with a global client list for our in-house AI-powered optimization, prediction and automation platform. And a place where Canadians come for the best journalism in the country.

We aim to reflect Canada in the stories we tell and in our workforce. The Globe is a proud partner of Pride At Work, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, and a signatory of the BlackNorth Initiative. We understand our staff have lives outside of the office and offer flexible work arrangements and support programs. We also provide training and mentorships to staff to ensure you’re able to grow and challenge yourself and your abilities.

No matter what your role at The Globe, you’ll be part of an organization dedicated to making a difference to Canada.

Globe and Mail employees

Our staff includes

  • Developers, scrum masters and UX designers for our constantly evolving digital platforms
  • Data scientists to develop and analyze our proprietary audience analytics
  • Media strategists to provide digital expertise and strategic planning advice to support sales teams
  • Ad product specialists to facilitate the successful integration of new ad formats, technologies and products across platforms
  • Journalists, data and visual journalists, editors and social media editors to create, platform and showcase our world-class journalism
  • Marketing and events professionals to plan with our conference and events business
  • Financial analysts and other corporate professionals

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

As Canada becomes more diverse, so does our audience and our talent pool. The Globe is committed to reflecting that audience through content creation and public outreach. The Globe is equally committed to strengthening that talent pool through recruitment, development, promotion and retention of staff.

We believe diversity is the recognition of differences including race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, age and physical abilities but is not limited to these. Life experiences, previous work experiences and a plurality of points of view are all part of what makes up a diverse group of people.

At The Globe and Mail, our goal is to make sure all people feel included. We are committed to creating equitable opportunities for all employees, to enable everyone to reach their full potential.

Current Openings

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Globe and Mail employees