Jewellery believed to have been worn by actress Susan Sarandon during filming of a movie in Winnipeg has been found at the scene of a killing.

The Winnipeg Free Press quotes an unidentified spokeswoman for Miramax Films as saying Thursday that the jewellery had been stolen from a vehicle and was found in a downtown hotel room Wednesday.

The company is producing the film Shall We Dance.

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The same room contained the body of 38-year-old Robin Robert Greene of Shoal Lake, Man.

The Winnipeg Sun quotes an unidentified source as saying the body had been dismembered, decapitated and disembowelled.

Police refused to confirm the information, but the body was removed from the hotel in a metal, cloth-draped coffin and not the usual body bag used in murder investigations.

The spokeswoman for Miramax would not say what the items of jewellery were, when or how they may have gone missing.