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Joanne Elves

Britax View-N-Go

Available at: Many stores; check for locations

Price: $29.99 at Canadian Tire

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Many vehicles come with fancy features for the backseat crowd these days. You can see them when they pull up to a red light, the kids in the next car calmly watching movies beaming from the headrest of a mom who isn’t vibrating from kicking feet. If your vehicle doesn't have its own kid-calming backseat entertainment system, don’t worry. There is a quick and cheap fix.

Britax offers the View-N-Go, a multi-pocket backseat organizer that quickly straps to a headrest and seat. It can hold tablets with screens up to 38 cm (15 inches) behind a non-PVC touch-sensitive viewing panel that wipes clean easily. Cords and headphones can be fed through holes in the bottom corners for easy access to plug-ins and ears.

To complete the package, there are nine mesh pockets for additional storage, including a big one for books.

The View-N-Go has three adjustable straps to hold it securely to the front seat; two for the headrest and one that secures it around the girth of the seat. The smooth straps didn’t bother our front-seat tester.

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