Our 2015 Acura MDX recently developed beeping sounds coming from the dash, and two days later, the starter would not work. We towed it to the shop. They said the remote starter was draining the battery and suggested removing it. I agreed to removing it, provided that they reimburse me if it was not the problem. It cost me $3,509 to have it removed. Five days later, the car would not start. This time, they said it was the battery. They said the beeping sound was possibly caused by shortwave radios or power boxes. What course of action would you suggest I take now? – Ed

It has been my experience that two to three hours is more than sufficient to remove a remote starter unit from any car. $3,509 is outrageous, representing at least 20 hours of labour. Additionally, I highly doubt that the remote starter was ever the issue due to fact that the battery was replaced five days later.

Interference from shortwave radios and power boxes is a thing of the past and is not the source of your beeping sounds. Either your e-mail to me was missing key pieces of information or you need to find another mechanic and seek advice on how to recoup your money if it was not refunded.

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