1. Cooling bandana

A silk or cotton bandana soaked in water and wrapped around the neck creates a surprising degree of evaporative cooling. Crystal beads inside a cooling bandana absorb the water so it never drips; it just cools the blood flow at your neck, where major blood vessels pass close to the surface. This blood then flows to your head acting like a heat exchanger for your circulatory system, cooling you down considerably.

Available through Lee Valley, $12.50

2. Recovery tablets

Zaca Recovery Chewable tablets will help you recover from a variety of travel ailments – altitude sickness, overheating, dehydration and too much partying. They’re made from a science-backed formula that includes glutamine to replenish lost electrolytes and glutathione, a potent antioxidant, along with prickly pear, which is high in antioxidants and flavonoids, and Japanese raisin (hovenia dulcis), an ancient extract thought to have hangover prevention properties.

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zacalife.com, US$19.99 per box of 12.

3. Hydration systems

You can slip a standalone water reservoir into a regular backpack or purchase a purpose-built hydration pack: it will have a slit that allows you to thread the sip tube from the reservoir inside the pack to the exterior, with a clip on a shoulder strap to keep your tube positioned for easy access. One of the best-known brands is Platypus; for most hiking needs, a three-litre reservoir is more than adequate.

mec.ca, Platypus systems from $35.

4. Barely there briefs

Exofficio underwear was designed to be worn in hot climates where wicking sweat away from skin is essential to comfort. Its patented Silvadur treatment releases silver ions that destroy odour-causing microbes. Knit mesh fabric with hydrophobic fibers draws moisture to the surface where it evaporates and underwear can be washed in a sink and dries in just two to four hours.

exofficio.com, $20 and up

5. A wool t-shirt

Though it seems counterintuitive to wear wool to keep cool, Icebreaker Tech Lite and Cool-Lite tees and tank tops are made from fine merino wool blended with a fibre it calls Tencel, to create technical fabrics that work in extreme heat and cold. Odour-resistant, with wicking powers that transfer moisture away from the body and a naturally high UV rating, this line is perfect for active travelers.

ca.icebreaker.com, from $70