1. Guzzle the H2O

Sometimes you need to impress right after a long flight touches down: You’re headed to a meeting perhaps, or maybe a long-distance love is waiting on the other end. The No. 1 for not looking like the exhausted traveller you are: drink water. A lot of water. Experts recommend eight ounces for every hour you’re in the air.

2. Feed your skin

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If you don’t stay hydrated, it’s going to show on your skin. My secret: I start my offensive preboarding by heading to the duty-free and “sampling” the richest facial moisturizer I can find. Some jet-setters swear by indulging in a full sheet mask during flight, but if that’s too embarrassing, go for one that covers just the eye area and hide it with a sleep mask.

3. Dress the part

If you can manage it, keep a second outfit handy for a quick change at the first airport bathroom you see. In any case, look for wrinkle-free fabrics such as wool, knits and Tencel. High-quality skirts and dresses in polyester travel like a dream. And, in most situations, it’s hard to go wrong with dark denim, a simple shirt and a smart blazer (ask a flight attendant to hang it, or fold and lay flat in the overhead bin after all luggage has been placed).

4. Wake yourself up

If you’re not in the right mindset, doing all of the above will only help you so much. You need to get past the drudgery and find a place of excitement. Find what works for you. Listen to favourite songs, have a coffee before landing, sprint to customs control – whatever gets your endorphins flowing and blood pumping.

5. Wear sunglasses

If all else fails, this is your best option. There is a reason celebrities always wear sunglasses while walking through the arrivals area: It’s the easiest way to hide a multitude of eye-related unpleasantness: bags, dark circles and bloodshot whites. If you’re plunging right into sightseeing, just leave them on for pics.