Michael Kesterton's look at Huey Long, the "Karl Marx of the Hillbillies" (Life Studies -- Sept. 16), was first-class history, but I was surprised by its lack of a Canadian tie-in. Ontario Liberal premier Mitchell Frederick Hepburn (1932-42) was Canada's Huey Long. The Toronto Telegram dubbed him "Hooey" Hepburn. David Croll, who held three portfolios in Hepburn's cabinet, told me that all Hepburn talked about in cabinet meetings was Huey Long. Long terrorized Roosevelt; Hepburn terrorized Mackenzie King. Hepburn became the first Canadian on the cover of Time magazine for his Long-like demagogic battle against American CIO unions coming to Canada. The last journalist to do a feature interview with Huey Long was The Toronto Star's intrepid Gordon Sinclair. On the day of the interview, Long was assassinated, giving Sinclair and the Star a worldwide scoop.