@BookingBuddy – Great deals from a variety of websites, including cruise lines, airlines, hotels and travel agencies.

@Corptravel – The latest industry news and how it affects business travellers.

@FareCompare – FareCompare's real-time alerts tell you when airfares drop on flights from your city. Or plug in your home airport's three-letter code to follow a "flyfrom" feed for specific fares.

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@boingo – Tweet your complaint about a weak airport Wi-Fi signal and you'll get a troubleshooting session with the Boingo team.

@Heather_Poole – A flight attendant has to deal with loads of cranky people at 35,000 feet, so it's no surprise that Poole has some stories to tell. Read 'em and re-tweet.

@Jaunted – Take a break with the self-proclaimed "Pop Culture Travel Guide," the source for celebrity-centric travel tweets. (Hello, Kevin Smith?)

@SmarterTravel – Travel advice such as what to do if your flight is cancelled, or alerts about fee or mileage program changes.

@TripAdvisor – More digestible than the overwhelming website. Great for outings and hotel suggestions for any itinerary.

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