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Taylor Falls and Deborah Hackworth, 2012, from Dawoud Bey's The Birmingham Project.Dawoud Bey/Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago/Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto

The renowned American photographer and educator Dawoud Bey has spent much of his career photographing marginalized communities. In one of his most arresting series, The Birmingham Project, he seeks to memorialize the lives of six young African-Americans who lost their lives on Sept. 15, 1963, in Birmingham, Ala.

After years of visiting the town and community, Bey employs diptychs to reflect on history through present day. Photographs of community members similar in age to when the youth were killed are paired with another portrait of a community member the age they would have been if they hadn’t lost their lives.

The exhibition Places in History at Stephen Bulger Gallery features four projects from Dawoud Bey’s career and runs until Dec. 22.

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