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Sara Angelucci, Coppley Patterns (Ascot), 2017.Sara Angelucci, Coppley Patterns (Ascot), 2017. Image Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Bulger Gallery

Sara Angelucci’s Piece Work was born out of a commission from the Art Gallery of Hamilton for Canada’s 150th anniversary. By examining her own experience and how she came to be Canadian, Angelucci came to focus on her family’s journey here.

In the 1950s, her parents, grandparents and extended family chose to settle in Hamilton. Her mother found work at Coppley Apparel, a factory that creates tailored men’s wear. After numerous visits, Angelucci came to focus on the women making the suits, imagining her mother’s daily life there.

In Canadian garment history, it has largely been immigrant women sewing in factories, and the 30 languages spoken by Coppley’s staff reflect the diverse group of individuals who have come to the country, often seeking refuge.

The exhibition runs at Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto until July 14.