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Performance artist Vincent Trasov appeared in several locales in the guise of a giant legume, but perhaps the most memorable was his 1974 run for mayor of Vancouver.

Mr. Peanut on the inaugural cover of General Idea’s FILE magazine.

Morris/Trasov Archive

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In front of Vancouver Court House during election campaign, 1974

Morris/Trasov Archive

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On the Staten Island ferry, NYC, with EM Plunkett, 1972

Morris/Trasov Archive

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Signing in at Vancouver City Hall, October, 1974

Morris/Trasov Archive

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Susan Subtle, Dr. Brute and Mr. Peanut celebrating art's birthday at Elks Building, Los Angeles.

Morris/Trasov Archive

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Before gracing the Vancouver Court House in 1974,performance artist Vincent Trasov appeared in New York, Halifax, Toronto and L.A. before making his big hometown splash, where he ran for mayor, snagging 2,685 votes.

Bob Strazicich

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