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Luminato CEO Anthony Sargent.V. Tony Hauser

Luminato has received a gift of $600,000 spread over three years for projects involving emerging artists.

Anthony Sargent, the annual Toronto arts festival's CEO, says it's a sign that key supporters are excited not just about a particular show but about the contribution Luminato as a whole makes to the city.

The donor insists on being anonymous.

"This three-year commitment makes a transformational difference, helping us plan ahead," Sargent said.

Sargent added he is working on a plan to honour Luminato co-founders Tony Gagliano and the late David Pecaut (who died in 2009).

"I want to recognize the scale of the contribution they made," he says, "the tragic loss of David, and how Tony has been trying to be two people in one."

This is likely to be Gagliano's last year as chair of the Luminato board.

Actor Daren A. Herbert says the production Onegin is not an opera – though it’s based on a Tchaikovsky opera and an Alexander Pushkin poem. The indie-rock musical runs until June 4 in Toronto and is heading to Ottawa in the fall.

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