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Pierre Dorion's poignant window on Montreal

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Vestibule (Chambres avec vues), 2000 Oil on canvas 56 x 61 cm

Private collection

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Pierre Dorion: Plafond (Bruxelles), 1999 Oil on hemp 92 x 168 cm

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

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To sleep, perchance to keen: Dorion’s untitled painting of an unmade bed constitutes the heart of Chambres avec vues, an installation first mounted in Montreal’s east end. Dorion gives us a wintry view from a rooftop terrace in what could be Montreal, yet the source was a picture taken at the Palais de Justice in Brussels. (“It’s the same grey that we have here in Montreal,” Dorion says.) Another painting, capturing an upward glance at a ceiling strewn with lighting fixtures and decorations, was sourced in a brasserie in that same city. Dorion also immortalizes a wall phone that he discovered in a rundown pension. 020 Pierre Dorion Sans titre, 1999 Oil on hemp 112 x 56 cm

National Gallery of Canada; Jack Shainman Gallery; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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Pierre Dorion Téléphone, 1998 Oil on linen canvas 61 x 40.5 cm

Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

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Pierre Dorion: Chambre a Coucher

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Pierre Dorion Belvédère, 1999 Oil on linen canvas 56 x 84 cm

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