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The Evidence Room, created at the University of Waterloo, will take visitors inside the Nazis’ simple and obscene killing machine

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Interior perspective of The Evidence Room with models of Auschwitz gas column, gas hatch and gastight door.

Siobhan Allman

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Interior perspective of The Evidence Room with plaster casts and models of Auschwitz gas column and gastight hatch.

Fred Hunsberger

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Cast of section of Crematorium 2.

Fred Hunsberger

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The hemispherical grid protecting the peephole on the inside of the model of a gastight door.

Siobhan Allman

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Front Sectional Elevation of The Evidence Room. Render and Model by Siobhan Allman, Anna Longrigg, Donald McKay, Michael Nugent, Nicole Ratajczak, Alexandru Vilcu.

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Cast of SS Guard Gas Mask.

Fred Hunsberger

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Anna Beznogova and Anna Longrigg prepare a mold for casting.

Piper Bernbaum

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Piper Bernbaum and Anna Longrigg touch up paint on the model of the Auschwitz Gas Column in Venice.

Siobhan Allman

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Bradley Paddock measures to cut mock-up gas chamber door to size.

Fred Hunsberger

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