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The Evidence Room, created at the University of Waterloo, will take visitors inside the Nazis’ simple and obscene killing machine

Interior perspective of The Evidence Room with models of Auschwitz gas column, gas hatch and gastight door.

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Interior perspective of The Evidence Room with plaster casts and models of Auschwitz gas column and gastight hatch.

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Cast of section of Crematorium 2.

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The hemispherical grid protecting the peephole on the inside of the model of a gastight door.

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Front Sectional Elevation of The Evidence Room. Render and Model by Siobhan Allman, Anna Longrigg, Donald McKay, Michael Nugent, Nicole Ratajczak, Alexandru Vilcu.

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Cast of SS Guard Gas Mask.

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Anna Beznogova and Anna Longrigg prepare a mold for casting.

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Piper Bernbaum and Anna Longrigg touch up paint on the model of the Auschwitz Gas Column in Venice.

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Bradley Paddock measures to cut mock-up gas chamber door to size.

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