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Did you follow arts and culture news this week? Are you up to speed on the latest books, plays and movies? Take our quiz to test yourself. And if you enjoyed taking this quiz, keep testing your knowledge with The Globe’s business and news quizzes.

1 Beyoncé's latest album, Act ll: Cowboy Carter, hit No. 1 on the Billboard country albums chart this week, making her the first Black woman to top the chart since its 1964 inception. Who was the first Black man to have a single reach No. 1 on Billboard’s country music chart?
a. Darius Rucker
b. Lil Nas X
c. Charley Pride
d. Kane Brown

Charley Pride. The first African-American performer to become a superstar in the country music genre, Pride reached No. 1 for the first time in 1969 with All I Have to Offer You (Is Me). He quickly returned to the No. 1 position with (I’m So) Afraid of Losing You Again.

2 Which famous Canadian writer credits beloved bookstore McNally Robinson Booksellers with kickstarting their career?
a. Miriam Toews
b. Margaret Atwood
c. Joseph Boyden
d. Dionne Brand

Miriam Toews. Toews, a bestselling author of nine books, including Women Talking, which last year was adapted by Sarah Polley into an Oscar-winning film, credits McNally Robinson for kicking off her literary career with a job at the Winnipeg store. She says it will always be dear to her.

3 A rare comic featuring Superman’s first appearance sold at auction this week for US$6million. In which year was it published?
a. 1952
b. 1938
c. 1908
d. 1973

1938. The rare copy of Action Comics No. 1 from June 1938 became the most expensive comic to ever sell at auction. In addition to the Man of Steel’s first appearance, the book also introduced central love interest Lois Lane. It’s estimated that there are only 100 surviving copies of Action Comics No. 1 today – out of 200,000 that were printed by National Allied Publications, the predecessor to DC Comics.

A copy of Action Comics No. 1, the comic book that introduced Superman to the world in 1938, which sold for $6 million on April 4.


4 Three Canadian authors have been shortlisted for the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction. In 1995, Shields won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for which book?
a. Humboldt’s Gift
b. The Stone Diaries
c. Swann: A Mystery
d. Larry’s Party

The Stone Diaries. Eleanor Catton’s Birnam Wood, Janika Oza’s A History of Burning and Claudia Dey’s Daughter have made the short list of the literary prize that awards US$150,000 to North American female and non-binary fiction authors.

5 Which show is the most-watched Canadian-scripted series in the country?
a. Murdoch Mysteries
b. Schitt’s Creek
c. Anne of Green Gables
d. Orphan Black

Murdoch Mysteries. The show, well into its 17th season, has been the No. 1 entertainment program on CBC TV for the past nine years. It’s also found fans all around the world: The show can be seen in more than 100 countries, including China, Turkey, Italy, France and England. Interestingly, its most dedicated devotees – and about two-thirds of viewers – are women, of all ages and nationalities. The key to Murdoch’s longstanding popularity? It’s secretly sexy.

Yannick Bisson as Detective Murdoch in Murdoch Mysteries.


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