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Did you follow arts and culture news this week? Are you up to speed on the latest books, plays and movies? Take our quiz to test yourself.

1 Which Canadian singer surprised Grammy Awards attendees and viewers by taking the stage to present the award for album of the year?
Shania Twain
Celine Dion
k.d. lang
Sarah McLachlan
2 Taylor Swift announced a new album at this year’s Grammys. What is it called?
a. The Dead Poets Society
b. The Tortured Poets Department
c. The Tortured Man Club
d. The Sad Poets Collection

The Tortured Poets Department. The album, which Swift announced while accepting a Grammy award, comes out April 19.

3 Who leads this year’s pack of Juno nominees, with six nods?
a. Tate McRae
b. Daniel Caesar
c. Charlotte Cardin
d. Allison Russell

Charlotte Cardin. Cardin earned nominations for album of the year, pop album of the year and artist of the year, among other nods; Caesar, McRae, and Russell are also among this year’s nominees up for awards at the March 24 ceremony.

4 Which indie singer-songwriter’s dance musical – based on his 2005 album of the sort-of same name – is set to make its debut in Toronto in 2025?
a. Andrew Bird
b. Sufjan Stevens
c. Conor Oberst
d. John Darnielle

Sufjan Stevens. Illinoise, based on Steven’s 2005 album Illinois, premiered in Chicago over the weekend to rave reviews. The City of Toronto itself is a co-commissioner of the show through TO Live, the young municipal agency that manages city-owned theatres Meridian Hall, the Meridian Arts Centre and the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.

5 Writer Diablo Cody returns to the big screen this week with the comedy Lisa Frankenstein. For which film did Cody win a screenwriting Academy Award?
a. Juno
b. Young Adult
c. Jennifer’s Body
d. Tully

Juno. With Lisa Frankenstein, Globe critic Chandler Levack writes, Cody is back in fine writing form “with a picture that could be the third in her 'quirky goth teen movies with girl’s names' triptych.”

How well did you do?

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