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Did you follow arts and culture news this week? Are you up to speed on the latest books, plays and movies? Take our quiz to test yourself. And if you enjoyed taking this quiz, keep testing your knowledge with The Globe’s business and news quizzes.

1 Which Canadian star is making their Broadway debut this spring?
a. Elliot Page
b. Rachel McAdams
c. Catherine O’Hara
d. Keanu Reeves

Rachel McAdams. McAdams is playing the central character – a mother caring for a son with cerebral palsy – in Mary Jane. The previews for the Anne Kaufman-directed show open April 2.

2 More than 400 AGO workers went on strike this week. Their strike happened right as which exhibit was set to open?
a. Towards a Foreign Land
b. Reclaim + Repair: The Mahogany Project
c. Riopelle: Crossroads In Time
d. Making Her Mark: A History Of Women Artists In Europe, 1400-1800

Making Her Mark. The AGO postponed a media preview of the exhibition scheduled for Tuesday without confirming a new date. The exhibit gathers together just over 250 objects, including paintings, prints, scientific illustrations, textiles, sculpture, metalwork, and furniture, illuminating the diversity and breadth of women’s contributions to art of the pre-modern era.

Self-Portrait, c. 1630, by Judith Leyster. Oil on canvas. On display at the AGO exhibition Making Her Mark: A History of Women Artists in Europe, 1400-1800.


3 Toronto Comedian and actor Mae Martin has a new documentary airing on CBC, Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary as part of CBC’s The Nature of Things series. What is the name of their two-season series on Netflix?
a. Feel Good
b. Hacks
c. Flea Bag
d. Heartstopper

Feel Good. The Nature of Things documentary debunks pseudo-science around gender fluidity and introduces the latest research showing that gender exists on a spectrum for humans and many other species.

4 Which Canadian legend – who holds the record for most Junos ever with 25 – presented the first award at the 2024 Juno Awards in Halifax?
a. Bryan Adams
b. Celine Dion
c. Anne Murray
d. The Weeknd

Anne Murray. The pride of Springhill, N.S., presented the night’s first award, to the four women of the Toronto rock band The Beaches for Group of the Year. Brad Wheeler writes of the ceremony’s best, worst, and most quotable moments here.

Anne Murray prepares to present the award for group of the year at the Junos.


5 One day after it announced its artistic director had left his post, and two days after a number of its programmers resigned en masse, the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival announced its full 2024 lineup. Which film will play on opening night?
a. Disco’s Revenge
b. Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted
c. Beethoven’s Nine
d. Luther: Never Too Much

Luther: Never Too Much. The film is director Dawn Porter’s portrait of American R&B singer Luther Vandross. Beethoven’s Nine (on the 200th anniversary of Beethoven’s final completed symphony), Disco’s Revenge (about the music’s complicated history), and Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted (featuring the lovably eccentric musician), will also be played during the fest.

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