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Ben Affleck poses with his Academy Award for best picture for Argo during the Oscars in Los Angeles, Feb. 24, 2013.John Shearer/Invision/The Associated Press

Many Canadians, especially former ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor, were hoping for a robust shout out from Argo director Ben Affleck in his best picture acceptance speech. Instead, after Affleck thanked "everyone in the movie, on the movie, who worked on the movie, did anything with this movie," we got this: "I want to thank Canada."

And that was all we got. Taylor's name wasn't even mentioned in the speech.

The man who was at the centre of the so-called "Canadian Caper" wasn't the only one who thought Taylor and the country deserved more.

Appearing on Piers Morgan's show on Thursday, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter called Argo "great drama" and said he hoped the film would win best picture honours. But, he added, "90 per cent of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian. The movie gives almost full credit to the American CIA."

Affleck's speech was an opportunity to give credit where credit is due.

In a statement released on Friday, Affleck said, "I admire Ken very much for his role in rescuing the six houseguests. I consider him a hero."

Too bad he didn't say as much during the Oscars telecast.

Still, it wasn't all disappointing news for Canada at the ceremony.

The screen adaptation of Yann Martel's novel Life of Pi took home several awards. Toronto composer Mychael Danna won for best original score for his work on the film.

"I share this wondrous award with our visionary captain, Mr. Ang Lee, who guided a global cast and crew in the telling of this wonderful story," Danna said in his acceptance speech.

Lee would go on to win best director honours for the film. The movie also won Vancouver's Guillaume Rocheron the Oscar for best visual effects.

Of all the other Canadians nominated, only B.C.'s Jim Erickson won in his category, taking home the Oscar for best production design for his work on Lincoln.

All those winners gushed with pride from having their hard work recognized. Ken Taylor deserved recognition too, at least more than just, "I want to thank Canada."

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