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Kristen Stewart brings her patented look of boredom/hatred to the red carpet for the movie “On the Road” at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday. Really, Kristen, that’s the best you can do?


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Take a look at your co-star Kirsten Dunst. Elegant dress, grownup hair, a coy look over the shoulder, a confident smile. Come on, try a little harder? For me? For Toronto? For Canada?


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Wow. Big improvement. I know! Why don't you try smiling?


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Oh great gumballs of fire! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


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A pained Bruce Willis grimaces and looks away at the red carpet for film “Looper” at TIFF in Toronto on Thursday.


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Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all like, jesus, what the hell is the matter with Kristen Stewart at a press conference for the film Looper at TIFF on Thursday.


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Hey, Kristen, let Piper Perabo give you another lesson on working the red carpet: playful non-wallpapery frock, Michelle Pfeiffer hair, knowing smile, confident pose. She looks like she actually wants to be at the premiere of “Looper” in Toronto on Thursday.


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Or take Emily Blunt: simple sleeveless dress, nice bangles, steady, calm gaze. Are you paying attention, Kristen Stewart?


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Oh great. She’s fallen asleep. Everyone shhhh....


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On the plus side, at least Kristen Stewart’s clothes actually fit. Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears a suit leftover from the making of “Bugsy Malone” to the premiere of “Looper” in Toronto on Thursday.


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Yes, Bruce, it's going to be a looooong festival.


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