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tiff 2012

And this is what again?Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

Hollywood's been trekking to TIFF every September for almost 40 years now. At first it was a trickle; now it's a flood. But just how knowledgeable are these visitors about the city some will be calling home for the next several days?

Showbiz bible The Hollywood Reporter kindly includes a "Test Your Toronto I.Q." in its Sept. 14 issue (subscription required), with nine multiple-choice questions.

Question 7 asks: "Have you packed properly for Toronto in September? Hope you remembered your toque. Actually, what's a toque?"

Question 9: "Your Canadian boss asks you to run out and get him a double-double, pop and some smarties. What do you buy?" Among the four proffered answers: "An assortment of the latest party drugs"; "Two Leaf tickets, a copy of The Globe and Mail and a pack of Players cigarettes"; "A case of Molson, a Beaver Tail and some poutine." All three are incorrect – we think.

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