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tiff 2012

Rachel McAdams poses walks the red carpet to promote To the Wonder at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Monday, Sept. 10, 2012.Michelle Siu/The Canadian Press

Terrence Malick is known for making puzzling films full of metaphors and symbols. And sometimes even his cast is left a little bewildered.

"Oh, I wish Terry was here to answer that question," Rachel McAdams said in response to a query about the symbolism behind her character in To The Wonder.

"I think what's great is that Terry doesn't really have just one idea [about a character]. He allows people to take what they will from his films. For me, it was about a second chance."

The second chance the Canadian beauty is speaking about is the love story between her character, Jane, and Ben Affleck's Neil, estranged young lovers who rekindle their romance later in life.

"These people are so haunted and pulled back by the past," she continued.

Being able to slip into that story was easy with Malick, McAdams said.

"It was life changing to work with Terry. It was magical. He taught me how much you can do with so little."

Malick had the ability to create a real family feeling on set, she added.

Russian actress Olga Kurylenko (the Bond girl from Quantum of Solace) echoed the sentiment. And like family members, the two female stars of this highly conceptual movie were totally on the same wavelength with respect to their red-carpet wear.

Both showed up in stunning emerald-green gowns. More Malick magic – though this time it wasn't on the silver screen.