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Canadian photographer Shane Gross was acclaimed in the Behavior category, one of 11 categories entered by 5,000 photographers worldwide in the annual British-based competition.

Canadian photographer Shane Gross is commended for his photo of nurse sharks mating in two feet of water off Eleuthera, Bahamas. “Once the males were locked on to the females pectoral fins they were so distracted it was like I wasn't even there.“Shane Gross

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Tobias Friedrich of Germany placed third in “Wrecks” category for his photo of the sunken Zenobia wreck off Larnaca, Cyprus where 100 trucks have been sitting for 30 years.Tobias Friedrich

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American Brook Peterson placed third in the Wide Angle category for a photo of Red Sea snorkellers at sunset.Brook Peterson

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Pekka Tuuri of Finland is commended for his photo of a crashed car under the ice of Lake Saimaa, Finland.Pekka Tuuri

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Photographer Henley Spiers wins the Brtiish Waters Macro category for a photograph of two Tompot Blennies - not kissing but engaged in a ferocious battle over mating rights.Henley Spiers

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Scott Gutsy Tuason of Philippines wins Runner Up in Behavior category for a photo of a Jellyfish with a juvenile Trevally wedged inside it.Scott Gutsy Tuason

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Filippo Borghi of Italy is Commended in the Black & White category for his photo of thousands of mobula rays migrating along the Baja, California coast.Filippo Borghi

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Filippo Borghi is also commended in the Behavior category for his macro photo of a baby shark the moment it emerged from the egg case.Filippo Borghi

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American Rodney Bursiel places third in Portrait category for his under-the-wave photo of professional surfer, Donavon Frankenreiter, in Tavarua, Fiji.Rodney Bursiel

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Photographer Rupert Cornelius of Mozambique is commended in the Up and Coming category for his wide angle macro image of a seahorse and diver.Rupert Cornelius

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