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book review

This graphic novel contains the happiest jaw drop of an ending. It's a joyful, loving, hug-the-world feeling that will stick with you all day.

In this fairy tale, a seamstress named Frances forms a fast friendship with Prince Sebastian after discovering their mutual love of design. By day, Sebastian slogs through his royal duties, but at night, he secretly dons a flowing red wig and Frances's gorgeously crafted ballgowns. It's genuine eye candy with opaque, slightly chalky colours bringing to mind SweeTarts.

It's hard to believe that cartoonist and writer Jen Wang didn't attend fashion school considering the exquisite dress designs and effortless movement of the fabrics in every panel. But the story also demonstrates that clothing is not inextricably linked to a particular gender or sexuality. Lots of YA has crossover appeal to adults, but this is one that older middle graders will also love.

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