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book review

Twenty-three-year-old Lynn McBride may be an adult, but the apocalypse has left her in a state of arrested development. The end of the world started when Lynn was 12, first with international warfare followed by a flu pandemic. At 16, Lynn moved deep into the Yukon with her mother, brother and family friends to live off the grid. They make ends meet for several years, but now-adult Lynn struggles with the monotony of her isolated life, yearnings for independence and desire for a partner.

When a stranger shows up at Lynn's family homestead, any chance of romance is quickly overshadowed by an escalating and violent series of events. The apocalypse plot of Kelowna, B.C., author Tyrell Johnson's debut is fairly standard, but the outdoor survival details, the bloody, jarring confrontations and Lynn's misaligned physical and emotional maturity make this a standout.

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