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James Peters's first photograph of battle action at Fish Creek: He shot it from his horse as bullets whizzed around him.

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Soldiers butcher a cow seized from the Métis at Fish Creek in a plate Peters titled "The First Fresh Meat (Loot)."

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A soldier cuts a comrade's hair after the Battle of Fish Creek.

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A scene from the camp after the Battle of Fish Creek showing an artillery unit in training.

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The general leading the Canadian forces meets with local priests at Batoche. The meeting ended suddenly when Métis fighters started firing on the soldiers from the nearby woods.

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Two cannons fire on Batoche during the shelling that began the battle.

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A house in Batoche burns after being hit by cannon fire.

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Soldiers sleep in trenches protected by supply boxes during the four-day Battle of Batoche.

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A plate that James Peters called "Camp at Gardepuy's Crossing": This was where the Canadian forces set up camp after capturing Batoche, and where Louis Riel was held prisoner.

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Louis Riel in custody after the Battle of Batoche.

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