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Conrad Black and his wife Barbara Amiel leave federal court in Chicago on June 24, 2011.JOHN GRESS

A new Conrad Black memoir described as being "unflinchingly revealing" is expected to hit bookstore shelves this fall.

Publisher McClelland & Stewart says the book, titled A Matter of Principle, recounts Black's life from 1993 to 2011, including his time in prison.

M&S president Doug Pepper says the book, originally titled "The Fight of My Life," includes "candid" reflections on Black's marriage and close friendships.

Last week, Black was ordered to serve another 13 months behind bars for defrauding investors.

He was sentenced to 42 months in jail, minus the 29 months he's already served.

The memoir is finally being released after at least three postponements because "essentially what we were waiting for was the finality of the legal process, not the incarceration process," Pepper said. "Once the final word had come down - no more appeals left, no more resentencing, that he'd gone as far into the U.S. legal system as he could - that was when we felt the book should come out."

Pepper said there are no marketing plans in place yet - a complicated prospect given that Black will almost certainly be living out his sentence in an American prison this fall.

"We truly don't know how all this is going to work," said Pepper.

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