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Excerpt: To One Who Sighed Add to ...

You cannot sing ? Well, others can.

You do not dance ? but others do.

And ever since the world began

There have been certain folk like you

Who cannot dance, and cannot sing,

Nor weave a play nor write a book.


But you can sew ? Most anything ?

And are quite expert as a cook ?

And you can draw a little bit,

Amuse your friends with pen and ink?

You make folk laugh-this you admit.

You have a lot of gifts, I think.


Oh, foolish one, to sigh and fret

Because you're not as some folk are.

Suppose a plant, of mignonette

Withered because 'twas not a star!

Be what you are, dear girl, with pride.

Accept your limits with good grace ;


The world is varied, very wide;

For each of us there is a place.

Within your sphere be quite content,

Be proud of work that is your own,

And to life's complex instrument

With sweetness add your mite of tone.

From Silver Linings

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