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Free Coupland! Add to ...

That's right, free Douglas Coupland. The author of Generation X, whose new book is called Generation A, is available in the form of three free promotional video clips that you can download from iTunes. The videos, one of which is animated, were created by Crush Inc. in Toronto.

Crush worked with Coupland and Random House Canada on a previous book, The Gum Thief, creating videos that won the company a bunch of marketing and advertising awards. But this is the first time Random House Canada has made promotional videos available through Apple iTunes.

"Doug Coupland's novels are so innovative in themselves they push you to try new things to spread the word about them," Anne Collins, the publisher of Random House Canada, said in a press release. "Each of these pieces from Crush takes off from the content of the novel, spreads its own little wings and flies. I get a huge kick out of what Crush does."

A small taste of one of the videos is available below:

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